Friday, December 3, 2010

I can't believe I'm doing this

     I am not about to introduce myself, most of you reading this KNOW WHO I AM... on top of that, you're probably laughing as I break and submit myself to the typing torture: daily life.... random things I figure out... crazy times in dealing with a new marriage and well... lets face it... a new smaller version of myself who, if she had her way, would be out already.
     My life is a simple one, though not without its own set of challenges... anything and everything from the military, the in-laws.. and not even so sacred as to skip my own side of the family... all three sides of it. Could this actually work as a type of therapy? I hope so, because there are times I'm surprised that I still have hair left.

   processing the weeks events: I AM 9 months prego, and by prego I mean OUT TO HERE PREGO. I waddle, I pee every 5 minutes, I am pretty certain that my internal organs and back are about to throw in the white towel any minute, and I do not remember what my feet look like, and at least twice a day all hell breaks loose in the uterus via elbows, feet, and claws... but through all this temporary pain and minor body inconveniences I can't wait to actually have this little terror in my arms. 

    I was about to settle myself for a small nap the other day at around 9PM as I'm tossing and turning throughout the night, in my not so little pillow fort, when my husband announces that we're going on a date. Then he passes out and I swear he snores like a bear... I wonder if that is what is keeping our daughter up all night long? He refuses to tell me where we are going, what we are doing, and how I'm supposed to look when we go. I'm perfectly OK with a surprise mystery date, but there are a few things I kinda need to know before... like if a T-shirt and Jeans are OK for this or am I going to have to pull out some "fancy" clothes (if I even have any that I fit into). I'm pretty excited about that, though I almost can't believe I feel so domesticated... it's only been a year and I'm already enjoying Rubbermaid tupper-wear, my kitchen table "Christmas present", and an awesome vacuum cleaner. if you had told me I would actually ENJOY tupper-wear 4 years ago I probably would have laughed in your face and said "NO WAY! my mom is into that stuff, talk to her" and yet here I am... making leftovers... calling my grandma/mom/MIL for cooking advice/baby advice/pregnancy problems.... it does not make me sad, it was just more of a stunning realization. 21, married, and prego. yup. time flew. only thing left now is for the gray hair. : p


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  1. Hi Sweetheart, I loved your blog and look forward to reading it from time to time. I love you so much and I want to come visit you and your family someday too. take care sweetie.